The “first-world problems” meme is white guilt

This is a quick observation, and not particularly insightful. Still, you ought to be informed. As far as zeitgeists go, WASP male guilt is proving to be very strong indeed. Perhaps the strongest social force in the world as it’s very close to being the first, among many contenders, to bring down the West.

First-world problems, as defined by the urban dictionary:

Problems related to the difficulty of living in a first world country.

My 7 dollar starbucks latte came with ONE espresso shot instead of the TWO I asked for!

The idea, if you could call it that, is that you should never complain about anything, ever, because the victim classes have it worse. So…back to work, peasant.

(I’m not going to draw any more conclusions from this, or whether to engage in faddish nonsense. Generally, I prefer the social habits of an old man. Plain oatmeal, black coffee, and as much total silence and isolation as I can manage.)

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