Hypergraphia on the TT forum

When it comes to writing, I’m either on or off. I’m either writing 8 pages of speculative blather per day or nothing much at all. (Speculative blather is an extreme forte of mine, as you may have noticed.)

This leads to an obvious problem in a forum setting. I don’t want to turn the TT area into my personal blog, posting half a dozen topics per day complete with replies to myself (this is what that looks like in brief: http://www.koanicsoul.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=155&p=1776#p1776 I stopped myself that time). From what I can see, most people are too busy to keep up with the kind of hypergraphic output I’ve been known to produce. So I’ve kept most of my thoughts to myself. But it’s agonizing 😕 .

Sure, I have my own blog, but the Neanderhall is my current obsession and half the stuff I want to write about requires at least some crowd participation. For instance(s), I’ve been playing with the idea of a parallel economies based on favors, karma…or making an edenism wiki…interesting stuff, right?

At this point, the only middle ground I can think of is to post links to relevant blog posts with excerpts. Now that I have a day off on my hands (tomorrow), I can really let loose on some of these backlogged ideas.

We’ll see how it goes.

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