I need an analogous situation to this

On the subject of discipline in vibrant LA schools:

How about afterschool detentions doing humiliating litter pick-up in front of other students under the domineering command of an assistant football coach? It’s not as if the human race has zero experience at how to intimidate young punks into line.

Steve Sailer
L.A. school board president: Problem with L.A. schools is too much discipline

Does a similar depth of experience exist for intimidating dysfunctional, disaffected intellectual types into some semblance of functioning adulthood? Far as I can tell, the common wisdom is to kick ’em out of the house. But my parents refuse to do this because they know I’m too dysfunctional and disaffected to make student loan payments, which they cosigned on.

(Hey, back then none of us naive souls could have guessed that college would be a really nasty environment for me. I mean, back in the day when my parents attended it still had a small amount of educational value. Plus, they aren’t very bright and were pretty much alcoholics at the time, so they fit right in.)

I need to think on this some more.

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