And uncharacteristically straightforward:

Anyway, the Bomb Brothers have been an unpleasant intrusion of reality into the state-of-the-art marketing campaign for amnesty. As I’ve occasionally noted, marketing is the dominant type of work in 21st Century America, and journalism is slowly turning into marketing criticism. As we’ve seen with the amnesty push over the last six months, most of the “news” has been reporters telling us admiringly that the marketing campaign is proceeding smoothly, and that only bad people are noticing anything the least bit untoward about immigration. Everybody else is enthralled by the Gang of Eight’s precision marketing.

And then this had to happen, making it hard for Americans to keep being quite as oblivious to the obvious.

Steve Sailer
NYT editorial: “Immigration and Fear”

I have nothing to add. The statement that journalism is marketing criticism is particularly good for predicting articles on how politicians should be selling their policies.

UPDATE: Looks like that was a Sailerism foreshadowing an iSteve pushback on traditional media. We may get a Taki column out of this idea.

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