Alternative theory

This whole Rubio thing is a push by a small, influential subset of the media is to “shake things up” so nobody notices the real reason Texas goes blue in the next election. Can’t keep the lid on this pot forever, but I guess you can get out before it gets pinned on you.

The notion that Rubio is the ideal salesman to Republicans for adding lots of Hispanics to the voting rolls is very common, but doesn’t anybody notice that a better salesman would be somebody more disinterested? Obviously, Rubio wants to add Hispanics because he is Hispanic and, relative at least to his non-Hispanic Republican rivals, this will help his career. Why in the world should I therefore listen to him?

In general, the concepts of “conflict of interest” versus “disinterestedness” seem to be disappearing from memory. The Democrats have an interest in electing a new people, as does Rubio, both both are unquestioningly presented as the heroes in this drama. Disinterestedness must be some old dead white European male thing we’ll have left behind in the rush to our diverse future.

Steve Sailer
WaPo: “Marco Rubio, Salesman”

I think I finally have a complete theoretical framework for understanding American politics, including the recent profusion of false flags. It’s less of a conspiracy theory than my dad would like, but it’s still crazy.

Coming soon, obviously. Work now.

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