I am a neoreactionary hate machine

A blog called Habitable Worlds has charted the topology of the dark enlightenment (H/T Heartiste:

Author commentary on-site. The center-of-mass of my reading habits falls at the incenter of the triangle HBD, Christian traditionalism, and secular traditionalism.

Another link brought me to a hilarious quiz by one Rachel Haywire. I answered “mostly D and a little bit A” on all 4 questions.

Mostly D’s: You are a neoreactionary hate machine. Congrats! You can vibe with conspiracy theorists, racial separatists, religious fundamentalists, male rights activists, and neoreactionary scenesters alike. You are probably a shitty person, but in this world of forced kindness, who doesn’t need a little brutality?

Bwahaha! Every word of that is true and I love it! Maybe I’ll even use that description to start a profile page. (Even the “shitty person” part is true, as every objective metric points to maladaptation.)

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