What has helped you keep your faith over the years?

I’ll admit that the idea of “faith” has always been beyond my ken. Perhaps this is a hardware deficiency (more on that another time). In any event, I will answer a similar question:

What are some things that have helped you keep your belief over the years?

Honestly, the most important factor by far has been the cosmological argument for God’s existence (AKA Aristotle’s “prime mover” argument). To recap, it goes like this:

Something cannot come from nothing.
Something (the universe) exists.
Therefore, the universe came from “not nothing”.

The second premise is indisputably established by Descartes’ famous “cogito ergo sum” argument, which means that the first premise, a conjecture about the physical properties of the universe, is the only one of the two requiring support. I explained this somewhat in one of my better posts back in the day. However, I will require a better understanding of modern physics to say with perfect confidence and integrity that the first premise is undoubtedly true. (Right now, I’m 99% certain.)

This is what I think about when I begin to slip into existentialism or doubt. Because my heart is evil, this happens on a regular basis. But the logic is undeniable and so simple that only the most tirelessly dishonest person can lie about it to himself. And though my heart is dishonest, it is certainly not tireless (for which I ought to be more thankful).

However, I understand that for most people those three lines are just words. They don’t “see” the picture the words describe. It’s a pity, because many of these unseeing fools count themselves genuine intellectuals.

Anyway, there is very little else I’d credit, excepting perhaps the good will and presence of the Holy Spirit within me, and the fellowship of other Christians. I don’t know for certain that these affect my belief system (it doesn’t feel them affecting my beliefs), but it’s not an incredible suggestion that they would.

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