This should prove amusing

A challenger approaches!

To read the back and forth, read the original post by Vox and then search (Ctr-F) the page for “aeo”. He’s arguing under a genuinely funny play on my pseudonym.

Not the real debate I’ve been itching for, but you couldn’t design a better punching bag. Arrogant, mid-witted, rhetorically adept, and taking a hard stance on statistics and probability. Heavens, it’s not like I know anything about those. Math is seeew hard.

Basically, this is perfect training for me to practice the skills that Vox and the ilk have been demonstrating for two years now.

UPDATE: Unsatisfied with playing uke at VP, he seems to have wandered over to my old place where, apparently, he thought I wouldn’t be notified of his graffiti.

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3 Responses to This should prove amusing

  1. TheSamHoltman says:

    It was difficult to follow after the fact. Then again, I always was the slow kid in the class. Glad you had fun debating on the forms!

  2. I wouldn’t worry about that. You’re new to this corner of the internet and it’s going to take you a couple of years to pick up the dialect, not to mention the dialectic.

  3. In fact, I should mention that the initial reason I started reading alternative-right blogs was that I recognized that Vox Day’s World Net Daily column was far superior to any other column I was reading at the time (back in early 2009, I think). I didn’t really understand the columns then, mind, but I trusted my intuition and applied myself to thinking more clearly. Four years later, it seems like everyone else moves in slow motion.

    So again, don’t worry. It’ll come.

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