Simplest personality questionnaire I’ve seen

Good grief, you wouldn’t even need my guide for lying on personality questionnaires. Might as well be a IQ test to discriminate against the retards who actually need this kind of work.

I believe in getting even with people.


*Company rules regarding sexual harassment are necessary.


*An honest person can get talked into stealing by someone who is dishonest, if the price is right.


*Employees would not steal if employers would pay a fair wage.


In corporate America, it’s all about downward pressure.

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2 Responses to Simplest personality questionnaire I’ve seen

  1. zeke says:

    I read about one interesting effect from hiring. Say you score 80 out of 100 on a scale in your job. If you have to hire people, chances are that you’ll hire people worse than you. So someone that ranks 80/100 would be inclined to hire people that are less than 80. The new person, say a rank of 75, would hire someone less than 75 and so on.

    This questionnaire looks like it got down to somewhere around 15 on the scale, thus weeding out only the dumbest of the dumb. That means it could potentially have people ranked 16 and up. This should be entertaining to someone with your observational talent…keep us posted 🙂

  2. That’s not surprising, when I put myself in the shoes of the interviewer. I’d love to see whether this correlates linearly with interviewer competence. Would you be able to cite it.

    It’s more socially stable, too. Generally, an organization is more stable if the people on top are more competent than their underlings (this feels “right” to everyone), and people don’t want to lose their relative standing.

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