Comment guidelines (Reasonable Anonymity)

If you give me six lines written by the hand of the most honest of men, I will find something in them which will hang him.

Cardinal Richelieu

Free speech is dead. If ever this you doubted this, watch the witchunts against Watson, Derbyshire, Richwine, and countless other academics and pundits and listen to the last nails get hammered into the coffin of the first amendment. This is the new West, and we need to deal with reality as it is, not as it should be.

The purpose of writing under a pseudonym and speaking in generalizations is to allow me to write freely without fear of reprisal. In the modern world, that can mean an employer Googles my name, sees my blog, and decides that I’m a racist, sexist, reactionary bigot. (Racist, sexist, reactionary bigots need jorbs too, ya know.) But I want to speak openly about some really nasty stuff, like psychopathy, conspiracy, and the very real possibility of a racial civil war within two decades in which tens of millions will die gruesome deaths,

I don’t want to make it easy for the DHS database algorithms to automatically flag my name and put me on the various watch lists. We know they’re watching. They don’t even bother to pretend otherwise anymore, and every digital communication is stored and relentlessly scanned by cunning software. But I’m small potatoes, and I just want to make it too expensive for the thought police to bother with me, personally. If every dissident writer required just 30 minutes of attention from a human analyst, they couldn’t furnish the manpower.

The way of freedom of speech in the future is what I call Reasonable Anonymity. In a corporate environment where an easily offended busybody can get you canned because you committed thoughtcrime on the freaking internet (like observing that homosexuals tend to be depraved people and shouldn’t be allowed to adopt children), anonymity is absolutely essential. But nobody can be truly anonymous. If the NSA decided to spend all its brainpower and $3.6 billion budget to find YOU and ONLY YOU, they would. Spoofing a MAC address will not save you.

That’s why it’s just “Reasonable” Anonymity. Reasonably speaking, you’re mostly anonymous if the Google ad guys can’t figure out who you are in five seconds. Remember, the FBI/DHS/CIA/NSA/et al. have been downloading this information en masse, without warrants, for more than a decade. So it’s a trade-off: you want a lot of anonymity without putting in a lot of effort. That’s where disinformation comes in.

dis·in·for·ma·tion: false information deliberately and often covertly spread (as by the planting of rumors) in order to influence public opinion or obscure the truth


False trails. Noise that obscures the signal. It’s hard to find the needle in the haystack if someone is constantly throwing more hay over it and shuffling it around.

Say it with me: “Disinformation is the way of reasonable anonymity is the free speech of the future.”

This can be accomplished rather easily by creating a couple of false trails that seem legitimate (a Google spider might think Viktor Isaksen is a plausible name for a real person who blogs as Aeoli Pera), and avoiding first-order links between your real identity and your pseudonym. A first-order link is a piece of information that, by itself, almost certainly identifies a person. A personal e-mail address, for instance. A birthday and zip code, together, constituted a first-order link.

Comment guidelines

0. It’s my way or the highway. These are merely guidelines.
1. No real names, personal e-mail addresses, or personally identifying information. Pick a pseudonym.
(If you don’t have a secondary e-mail address, just use mine:
1a. Avoid links to websites or blogs that are attached to facebook or personal e-mail addresses. Use your judgment, if any.
2. No anonymous comments. This is a spam issue.
3. That said, no spam. If your first-ever comment has a link to another site, I will delete it.

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