Apparently Asians do a lot of meth

Crack too. A great post by the Audacious Epigone (but with a lot of statistical caveats):

Crack is a black drug and meth is a white trash drug. Powdered cocaine and heroin are a little, uh, classier, acid is for the college-aged children of the middle class and the affluent who are on existential missions to find themselves, and weed is something people from all walks of life have used sometime in their adolescent and early adult years.

Audacious Epigone
Stabbing through the shroud at welfare and drug usage

I’ve never tried weed, but I’m entirely open to it. I’m just not very street smart. Anyway, in the comments:

Well I know my world not at all…

The most Asian state of course is, far and away, Hawaii. The next most Asian state is probably California.

Lo and behold:

Hawaii blows away all other states in meth use.


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