They just can’t hack it

“We’ve had bad experiences with single women,” said the chairman of the Fiekendorf allotment club, named only as Hans-Dieter H. “They can’t do this, they can’t do that. It never works out. I’m sorry. It only causes us trouble.”

Speaking to Wednesday’s edition of the Hamburger Morgenpost newspaper, he explained that the club’s communal work – like hedge-cutting – was especially beyond a woman’s power, adding that there was already one single woman in the club and she was annoying. [Ed: lol!]

I find it interesting that many women who have no problem with understanding the concept that young men should pay higher insurance premiums because they statistically tend to drive faster and crash their cars more often are so easily outraged by the same concept being applied to women.

“But I’m not the one who didn’t do X!” they protest. Which is true. And yet, there isn’t a single young man who has just received his driver’s license that has racked up six speeding tickets in a year or overturned his car while driving 75 in a 35 zone. His treatment is based on the expectation of his future actions on the basis of the knowledge of other young men’s actions.

Vox Day – Alpha Game
Gardening and the single woman

Another takeaway is that this accusation broadly applies to communal work, which suggests that single women simply aren’t civilized enough for basic give-and-take, tit-for-tat relationships. This observation offends equalists, who do not understand that men and women are different because they are complementary.

Count that as another point for the internet superintelligence, who has been claiming for years that the purpose of marriage is to civilize women and domesticate men.

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