Introduction to Edenism

This is a very large topic and I can’t hope to do it justice. So I won’t hope, I’ll just jump right in.

Edenism is a conspiracy theory which claims that the majority consensus in modern anthropology is wrong. It belies the “Out of Africa” theory that all homo sapiens are descended from a single common ancestor, claiming instead that men are descended from two, three, or more ancestors. Most edenists believe that academics’ stubborn adherence to dogma is due to large-scale deception by political and financial elites rather than mere incompetence.

Edenists unanimously agree that homo neanderthalensis, now extinct, contributed to the modern human genome. Mainstream anthropologists believe this as well, but they believe that neanderthals were originally a subspecies of homo sapiens. Many also believe that a mysterious race of “melonheads” interbred with early humans. These red-headed giants feature prominently in esoteric histories, but little is known about them. I believe Tex coined the term to reflect the cone-shaped skulls found in the ruins and legends of many cultures worldwide.

A notable application of edenist theory is phrenology (and physiognomy). It should not be confused with the phrenology of the early 20th century. Because skull and facial bone structure develops according to genetic instructions that correlate strongly with the genes that influence personality and intelligence, a person’s skull shape and facial features can be used to predict these qualities with reasonable (and useful) expectation of success. The predictive power of this method is strongest when it’s applied to statistical outliers who exhibit the visible phenotypes most strongly. Of particular interest is the shape and size of the brain case because, all else being equal, more brain mass means higher IQ.

More summary articles to come…

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