Today was a church and family day, and a gorging day on top of that (the day on which you eat indiscriminately so your body doesn’t start storing extra calories as fat).


Exercise – None.

Water – 10 oz.

Drugs – 4 cups of coffee, a beer, and a cigar.

Food – Brekkers: 2 pop-tarts. Lunch: 3 waffles, 4 strips of bacon. Dinner: Awesome shish-ka-bobs, wild rice, and garlic bread. Other: 5 more pop-tarts (hmm), some pop corn, half of another shish-ka-bob before bed.I’ll double-count the beer here because it had a significant number of calories.


Prayer – None.

Bible study – None.

Fasting – None.

Meditation – None.

Memorization – None.

Worship – None.

Serving – Operated the lightboard at church (a job I don’t enjoy). I did well, and that worked up my ego a bit. Ironically, I was nervous beforehand because I felt inadequate. Nice reversal, brain X-P. Afterward, I finished cleaning up early and helped my dad and the musicians with their cleanup jobs.

Stewardship – None.

Silence and Solitude – Couple of hours.

Journaling – This and similar.

Learning -None.


CompTIA – None.

Math – None.

Other – Read my blogs and feeds. Finally finished a song I started writing for my mom back in January. (Probably post it tomorrow.) Fixed a couple of things in Generic Metalcore Opus 5, but didn’t make serious progress. Wrote some blog stuff. Finished learning “Carrion” by Parkway Drive. (Sweet song.)


Social – Got some points at church, and managed to socialize in a large family setting a little bit. But I always lose points with them, so I have to limit exposure. They have mixed feelings about me, mostly shame (which will go away if I move out in the next couple of months). Better if I mostly stay out of sight, out of mind, and limit most social time to one-on-one interactions.

It’s not as bad as it sounds. I held mostly ordinary conversation, I think. Stayed mostly quiet. Thinking back, I should have worked harder to reign in the weirdo body language. Body language counts for more when you talk less.

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