The now and future aristocrats

It’s interesting to consider from what that aristocracy might develop, as the areas of corporate and military power appear to be the two aspects of society that are increasingly immune to government regulation.

Vox Day
US military unilaterally overturns Posse Comitatus.

It’s interesting that Vox considers this undecided. From brief observation, it would seem that financial and corporate heavyweights are already de facto aristocrats acting without regard for the written law. It cannot be reasonably argued that this is similarly true for military generals, either in scope or in kind. Instead, high-level generals are routinely deposed quickly and easily.

Now, it can be shown that the military regularly acts outside of the law. But it seems more likely that it does so at the behest of the lawless elites. This would also account for the common observation that military officers are, by and large, Beta schmucks (though lightly salted with Alphas). On the other hand, the lawless elites are typically quite Alpha and/or ALPHA.

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