No shortage of ways that IQ is like height

Another prominent Sailerism worth noting. Particularly, they are both dependent almost entirely on nutrition and genetics, in that order.

Height used to be a pretty good marker of having enjoyed good nurture (e.g, had plenty to eat as a child). The Tory cabinet of prime minister Lord Salisbury in 1895 averaged six feet at a time when that was about a half foot taller than the average British man. From a female husband-hunting perspective, evidence that a man’s family provided well for him when he was a child is evidence of a lot of good things. There’s no downside to growing up so that you attain close to your genetic maximum of height.

Steve Sailer
Robert Downey Jr.: Short superstar shattering stereotypes

Also, it’s really hard to go pro unless you’re tall or a great ball-handler. Ha!

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