Armed drones are your friends

I really don’t understand how the supposedly smart people at Slashdot don’t get it. This is immediately following stories of the first man saved by a drone-assisted search party. It’s obvious propaganda that corresponds to conspiracy theories that they supposedly understand and credit with the help of 20/20 hindsight. Dan Drezner said it best:

So, in all, this has been a pretty crappy week for people who dislike conspiracy theories.

Dennis Miller put it more colorfully: “At this rate, Obama is going to admit he was born in Kenya sometime next week.”

The point of this is not “to carry supplies efficiently”. The point is not “to turn a profit”. It’s not “to fly in inclement weather”. It’s not even to assist police chases.

It’s to get us all more comfortable with the idea of an omnipresent government watching from overhead. Occasionally with missles, but hey, it’s only sometimes. And they only really go after bad people who deserve it. People who hurt children! Why oppose that, unless you…you don’t want to help…you don’t want to help the children!? Children who’re being hurt, right now! You’re like Sandy Hook!


Look, we have a president who, in the bright of day, executes citizens with drones without legal repercussions (but they were terrorists!), widespread police adoption of drones explicitly for domestic surveillance (surveillance of criminals!), exabyte NSA internet databases explicitly used to track US citizens (bad citizens and pedophiles and only occasionally whistleblowers to the Associated Press!)…I could go on for hours. This was only supposed to be a two-sentence post.

What the fuck else can you tell these fools to make them believe the government considers them the obstacle?

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