Triple bank shot

It’s no mystery that the rapidly coalescing world government wants internet anonymity to go away. Sure, they can get around it, but think of the cost and the manpower involved. And they’ve been known to have trouble with whistleblowers now and again.

Anonymous performed a data dump of hundreds of whistle blowers’ private details in an attempt to show their unhappiness with the SAPS (South African Police Service) for the Marikana shooting. In so doing, the identities of nearly 16,000 South Africans who lodged a complaint with police on their website, provided tip-offs, or reported crimes are now publicly available.

Slashdot summary by fezzzz
Thousands of Whistle Blowers Vulnerable After Anonymous Hacks SAPS

Look, anyone with the capacity to read and occasionally understand this blog can figure this one out without even reading the article. You don’t even need Ilana Mercer’s perspective on the ongoing South African genocide.

The government got the list, dumped it, and blamed Anonymous. Bet you a gazillion dollars. And in return, the police will “disincentivize” those pesky whistleblowers, and they get to play up the outrage against actions taken by “anonymous” internet hackers. See all this violence? It could have been avoided if everyone just had a simple internet identification number that tracked who did what, who said what, who knows whom…And look at all these dead children (that we killed). They’d be alive if it weren’t for internet anonymity! And while we’re at it, turn over your guns. Those kill children.

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