Why do you believe in edenism?

The most important factor in my belief is that edenism seems to be almost comprehensively descriptive of human society as it is today. Less importantly, it seems to explain the course of human history, insofar as we can independently trust the authoritative reports. It was also less important for me that its predictive power is surprisingly consistent (a la edenic phrenology), although that is obviously an important component of any realistic theory.

I’d compare my conversion to my experience with Austrian economics, Game, and then nationalism. I’d run across some idea that was such a perfect description of reality, and so 180-degrees contrary to what i’ve been brainwashed to believe, that my jaw would drop. Each time, I was absolutely hooked. I’d read and read and read and stay awake thinking, weighing, analyzing, and then get out of bed and read some more.

In the case of edenism, it was this article that set me down this road of esoterica: http://www.koanicsoul.com/blog/2012/07/ … d-winners/

If you’d like, you can read my comments in this thread as I wrestle with a new conceptual model. I’ve never felt so alive: http://voxday.blogspot.ca/2012/10/the-i … of-iq.html

Let me say this in closing: as a recovering ingenopath I accept that life isn’t perfect and there are times when lies and deceit are necessary and good. But there is no end to the ways in which it is better to believe in true things than in false things.

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