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On surveillance

Told you so. Unrelated: I think I’m done here for a while. I don’t know if I’ll return. In fact, I mean not to. Advertisements

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Schneier of the day (CALEA-II)

It’s beginning to seem like that’s a real thing on this blog. As the FBI sees it, the problem is that people are moving away from traditional communication systems like telephones onto computer systems like Skype. Eavesdropping on telephones used … Continue reading

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On the subject of grant money for nonprofits: I have worked for a variety of non-profits and written grants for them. I’m surprised that there ever was money for operating expenses available for tech-based non-profits since every foundation I’ve petitioned … Continue reading

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Coming to a T-shirt near you

Too good not to share, commentary unnecessary. (Okay, okay, just this: That there’s some hot pussy. What, too easy?) Roissy should start signing off every post with lozzollzozloz.

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How do you understand God interacting with the world?

Just finished The Irrational Atheist and my head is racing with thoughts. Particularly where he talked about omnipotence, omnipresence, and omniscience. I’ve heard a couple of vague summaries about how God interacts with the world. Vox’s was the most detailed … Continue reading

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The internet is a wonderful thing, but it’s occasionally hard to fathom how much genuine brilliance slips through the cracks. I think I’m going to start doing highlights of this sort every day so that you can contrast these offhand … Continue reading

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The central question of Christian culture

That verse about turning the other cheek gives Christians a lot of trouble in interpretation. Here’s a unbelieving neonazi’s take on it: However, what he and other White nationalists regrettably fail to see is that a “Racialist Christianity” is an … Continue reading

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The qualitative difference

The Lubinski and Benbow gang have been tracking very bright kids for ages, and the results are clear: being brighter than 99.25 % of the general population, whilst all very well in itself and an almost guaranteed passport to a … Continue reading

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Two memes worth spreading

This post is dedicated to the forthcoming student loan interest hikes. The first is “little brother”, or “sousveillance”: The era of Little Brother was perhaps inaugurated in November, 1963, with the Kodachrome II 8-mm. film of John F. Kennedy’s assassination … Continue reading

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