Two memes worth spreading

This post is dedicated to the forthcoming student loan interest hikes.

The first is “little brother”, or “sousveillance”:

The era of Little Brother was perhaps inaugurated in November, 1963, with the Kodachrome II 8-mm. film of John F. Kennedy’s assassination inadvertently captured by the Dallas clothing manufacturer Abraham Zapruder. George Holliday’s videotape of the March, 1991, beating of Rodney King in Los Angeles, and Scott Prouty’s forty-seven-per-cent video, which arguably cost Mitt Romney the Presidency last year, fall into the same class.

There is a surprisingly rich and dynamic academic literature developing around the concept of “sousveillance,” a term coined by the University of Toronto professor and inventor Steve Mann to describe privately made recordings that can serve as a counterweight to institutional and government surveillance.

Maria Bustillos
Little Brother Is Watching You

I don’t know who coined the term “little brother” [Edit: Cory Doctorow in the eponymous book], but it’s going to become more important as our increasingly centralized government tries to marginalize the people it will eventually persecute directly. (This is an important entry in the evil playbook.) As we’ve seen recently in Florida, authorities do not hesitate to recruit snitches and a majority of the public is open to recruitment. In some demographics, perhaps more of the public are open to snitching on people they don’t like (noisy neighbors, petty competitors at work, etc.)

The second meme is Old Economy Steven, which I learned about from the delightfully hateful Vox Popoli thread on Baby Boomers. Amusingly, he looks exactly like my old pastor, who was known to have engaged in illicit substances once or twice in his day.

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